Signs To Look For Dehydration


CHILD LACKS FOCUS. Our body needs water to produce oxygen because oxygen gave us to breathe properly, the lack of water might make the child feel lightheaded.  They feel dizzy, it could mean not enough oxygen is getting to the brain and they may not be able to focus on simple tasks; they may find it difficult to perform in school as well. Lack of oxygen can lead to lack of concentration and decreased attention span.

CHILD SKIN IS DRY. Our skin needs body lotion to become soft and moisturize. If the child’s skin has visible scratch marks from where he/she touched it, your child could be dehydrated. Your child’s lips can also be a tell-tale sign that he/she is dehydrated.  Make sure your child drinks enough water during the day.

CHILD OFTEN FEELS HUNGRY. Thirst is already a indication of dehydration and so is hunger. Don’t wait until your child is thirsty before giving him a glass of water. When your child constantly complains that he’s/she’s hungry, they could actually just be thirsty.  Our human body indication of thirst and hunger are incredibly the same, so it will be difficult to tell which is which.  But if you make sure your child eats on time all the time, yet they still feel hungry, it could be a sign that they not getting enough water.

CHILD DOESN’T GO TO THE BATHROOM REGULARLY. Amount of time in going to the bathroom of a child is one of the signs of dehydration.  Water cleanses the body of harmful toxins, and if your child does not go regularly, they could be dehydrated. The child’s bowel movement is not normal too if he does not get enough water in his system regularly.  Aside from giving your child a high-fiber diet, encouraging them to drink enough water would help improve their tummy health.