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This 5 gallon – round type of bottle is often BPA-Free and more commonly uses carbon (activated charcoal) filtration. Hence, UV filtration bottles are convenient for those who are traveling to areas where water quality may be harmful, or where bottled water is not available. Therefore, UV is effective against all water-borne pathogens. Carbon filtration bottles will eliminate some organic chemicals and improve the taste and odor of water. Carbon filtration will not eliminate pathogens, metals or nitrates from water. Carbon filters must be changed regularly to maintain effectiveness. The design of this product is based on each container since water has only one face and has indefinite shape.

Aqua Aleiza Purified Drinking Water caters two type of containers. As for the pricing, 5 gallon round type price is 25.00 per container.

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Water Bottle Sizes

5 Gallon – Round Type, 5 Gallon – Slim Type