Work Flow of Delivery

Drinking enough water every day can do wonders for our overall health. That’s why safe drinking water is a key reason for a healthy lifestyle. For that, Aqua Aleiza Purified Drinking Water offers the best tasting, clean, safe and refreshing with the highest quality of purified drinking water.

Below are the process of preparing the product of Aqua Aleiza

STOCKROOM. All empty, uncleaned and damage containers are placed here for a maintenance check.

WASHING AREA.  A place wherein the gallons containers need to wash and therefore properly check by the staff before transferring in the rack.

RACK. The station where the cleaned gallons (Slim and Round) need to drain on the rack before putting into the purifier station.

PURIFIER STATION. Water purification meets the needs of medical, pharmacology, chemical, and industrial applications for clean and potable water and lastly, the major purposes of water purification and filtration is to provide very safe and clean drinking water.

WATER REFILLING STATION. A place where the gallon containers need to fill purified water by the assign staff/employee of Aqua Aleiza.

SEALER STATION. A staff assigned used a sealer machine to seal the 5-gallon container as Standard Operating Procedure.

STOCKROOM.  Assigned staff is placing all the sealed gallons w/company label and therefore ready for delivery. For Clients satisfaction, Aqua Aleiza prepared 100 pieces stocks of Purified Drinking Water gallons as a reserve for bulk orders.