About Us

Our Story

Aqua Aleiza Purified Drinking Water is an establishment located at #253 Callejon Street, Barangay Muzon, Naic, Cavite. A family-owned business which the owner, Ms. Princess Catherine F. Riel thinks that everyone must know the value of water in life and needs to drink water and does not require ages.

A Clean Water is essential in our body because every single cell in our body needs water to work properly. Remember we need to drink enough water to helps keep the immune system up, and it may regulate digestion and it keeps energy levels high. Everybody requires eight to ten glasses of water a day.  Water quality has been the focus of news headlines, and for good reason. Safe drinking water is a key reason for a healthy lifestyle.  That’s why, Aqua Aleiza’s product is clean, purified and safe water to recommend.

Aqua Aleiza offers 2 type of 5 gallons, the Slim type, and the Round type. We ensure first the quality of our the product. We use safe sealed container, the taste is clean, pure and refreshing for our community.

It was seven years now when our business was launch on January 7, 2011. Employee’s and Employer’s work 24/7 as needed because we are willing to accept customers demand. If problems in the delivery encounter, we announce in advance that we have NO DELIVERY especially on HOLIDAYS. Aqua Aleiza continues to be dedicated to producing uniqueness for our customers in Naic, Cavite and nearby Municipalities, maintaining the high quality of our product.   That’s why the customer response with a positive approach and continuing patronizing the Aqua Aleiza because of the uniqueness of its TASTE.

Our Mission

To provide the “Excellent Quality Service” of Purified Drinking Water and will ensure the safety and satisfaction of the client.

Our Vision

To be known as the “Most trusted water station” not by own self because we seek God first.